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BodyGuard Plus

BodyGuard Plus(TM) Self-Defense Pepper Spray is the one used by professionals worldwide--by law enforcement, corrections, military and security. It is the most powerful pepper spray on the market, and the only one which includes two different pepper extracts, along with a propellant, which in its pharmaceutical setting is approved by the FDA for use in broncho-inhalers (for those who suffer from asthma).

1 short spray is all you need. With BodyGuard Plus, you just point, spray and walk away. No need to accurately aim like other sprays. No need to test your spray from time to time like the other cheap sprays. No need to worry about whether your spray will work--if you can feel or hear liquid in the can, it will work.

Police strength. We offer four products to civilians--including our exclusive Value Pak for even more protection at a very affordable price:

Value Pak: includes the Softee(TM) leatherette personal keyring unit, as well as a large Home unit, with a glow-in-the-dark label for easy use at night.

Softee: Leatherette holster personal keyring unit.

Contempo(TM): Hardcase plastic personal keyring unit.

Reli-A-Pen(R): Ballpoint pen size unit.

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