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Vinnie's Wild Wiffs

Vinnie's(TM) Wild Wiffs(R) Pet Cologne represents a new thinking in pet grooming. Take a Wiff on the Wild Side!!

Unlike other sprays, Vinnie's Wild Wiffs is an all-natural non-aerosol spray, and does not contain alcohol or other materials harmful to your pet. As a bonus, this product includes natural extracts which repel fleas and ticks. And, it is non-flammable and environmentally safe.

When you can't get your pet to the groomer; when his or her living space needs a makeover; or when your guests are about to arrive and your pet wants to be part of the fun---spritz a little Vinnies's Wild Wiffs Pet Cologne. Your pet will over you for it---not to speak of the rest of the household and your guests!!

Vinnie's Wild Wiffs comes in 5 long-lasting, rich and distinct scents to match your pet's personality:

Mango: A sensual scent with hints of the islands.

Colada: A fun reminder of good times toasting your friends.

Tropical: This sweet scent recalls warm beaches and sunny backyard parties.

Citrus: A clean, fresh scent to brighten and invigorate.

Vanilla: A remembrance of southern plantations and good food.

Spray your pet and/or its surroundings with confidence. The scent should last about 24 hours. Since this is a pump spray, it does not have any sounds which could scare your pet.

Make Better Scents of Your Pet! (TM)

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