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Pocket Pro

Pocket Pro(R) is our unique, 100% Hands-Free, Directable and Conceable LED. Pocket Pro directs light where you need it via an adjustable light arm, all the while keeping your hands free to undertake any task.

Pocket Pro is ultralight, weather-resistant and has features that others cannot match, due to its advanced design circuitry. For instance, Pocket Pro incorporates super-bright LEDs, and has a built-in battery-saver feature. It is available with red, white, blue or green LEDs. Pocket Pro uses two long-life replaceable lithium coin cells--included in the unit!! It is so good, it comes with the best Warranty in the business--1 year under normal use.

Pocket Pro clips into the pocket, lapel, etc., and we also offer a slip-on EZ-Clip that allows the Pocket Pro to be utilized with bulky clothing.

Pocket Pro is used by Law Enforcement/Military, Sports Enthusiasts, Repair Technicians, Home Improvers, Students, and Night Owls, among others.

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