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Watch Plumb-Away Work Its Magic!
Plumb-Away(R) 1 Second Aerosol Drain Opener is the high-tech solution to a low-tech problem--clogged drains.

Plumb-Away is an aerosol drain opener that opens any drain, from sink, floor, shower, tub, or toilet in 1 second. And, it does all this without the use of harsh chemicals like the lyes found in old-style liquid and crystal drain openers.

Each canister can open at least 8 drains, and therefore is much more economical than liquids and crystals. It is safe, so easy to use--and is based upon scientific principles. So, save time, money and the environment with Plumb-Away!

Plumb-Away is Lab-Tested and Proven: Plumb-Away was tested at an independent, FDA-Registered Laboratory, which determined that:

  • "The use of Plumb-Away to clear drains presents a safe, practical and instantaneous method for removing very tenacious clogs in typical drains",

  • "Plumb-Away presents virtually no dangerous conditions to the user or to the plumbing", unlike harsh chemical products (which were also tested), and

  • "Plumb-Away units can be used to clear typical sink drains for at least 8 times, and up to 14 separate uncloggings, unlike other drain cleaners."

Throw away harmful chemicals, and those old messy plungers--Plumb-Away makes them all obsolete. The best part--Plumb-Away is cheaper to use per application than any of the alternatives!!!

Plumb-Away is available in two SKUs:

1. Refill (100-08): Contains 1 canister, power cap and seal. This unit can open any regular sink, tub, small shower drain or small floor drain.

2. Starter Kit (100-ST): Contains 1 canister, power cap and seal, universal adapter, and extension handle. This unit can open any sink, tub, floor drain, shower drain, or toilet.

How does it work? Plumb-Away utilizes the simultaneous actions of the power of water, high propellant pressure, differential temperature and an effective cutting agent. With one push, the cutting agent, extreme cold, high pressure, and water power forcefully dislodge materials blocking the drain--even when the blockage is far from the drain opening.

Does it work on any type of clog? Plumb-Away will work on any type of clog--hair, soap, grease, other materials.

Is it safe for people and the environment? Plumb-Away is safe to use, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals, lyes or CFC's. Further, Plumb-Away is the environmentally-friendly way to open clogged pipes.

Will it harm pipes? Plumb-Away will not harm sound metal or plastic pipes.

Does it smell bad? Plumb-Away does not contain harsh chemical products and leaves a clean lemon scent.

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